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Renaissance jewelry is elegant, extravagant, and opulent. This golden age saw some of the finest gemstones adorning the hands of lords and ladies. From plush pearl necklaces to ravishing ruby rings. Discover this exquisite collection of jewelry that’ll transform you into a vision of Renaissance elegance.

Rock-Sized Gems

Stand out from the crowd with rock-sized gems that set you apart from the rest.

A woman wearing bold, glittering gemstones commands attention. Feel on-trend and radiant wearing the most fashionable gemstones of the season.

From oversized rings to extravagant earrings. Citrines and garnets to pearls and opals. This dazzling collection has all you need to channel some Renaissance charm.

Your jewelry will glitter under the evening lights as you emanate confidence and sophistication.

Bold and edgy, PHIRA LONDON designs quality jewelry for both men and women. This ring is exquisite and daring, with the warming gold metal perfectly emphasizing the interesting and unusual color of the tiger eye gemstone.
Pearl chokers are the essence of the Renaissance period. This beautiful choker is made from irregular, natural baroque pearls with gold plated brass findings. Timeless and glamorous, this necklace is the perfect choice to capture the opulence of the Renaissance trend.
Gothic Inspiration

Dark and dutiful. Gothic inspired fashion has been serving the industry with haunting styles since before the renaissance revival.

Discover modern gothic jewelry with a period-style flair.

This collection of handmade jewelry plays with the depth of deadly shadows and textures. Each piece is imbued with an essence of architectural superiority.

Fancy adding a dose of daily darkness to you style? This gothic reinvention is for you.

Taking inspiration from the old monk sceptre, this necklace was hand-made out of silver with the central 14kt yellow gold detail, making those who wear it stand out. 
Inspired by Italian Renaissance Art of the 16th century, these earrings symbolise love and joy. Quirky and exquisite, these earrings are wonderfully artistic.

The crown has long been a symbol of power, victory, honor and glory. Immortalize your renaissance style with jewelry that adds to your legacy.

You’ve always been royalty in our eyes. Keep a few extra items under lock and key in your royal jewelry box, and embrace the lavish life at an affordable price.

This crown jewelry is fit for a monarch like you. Choose your piece and enter your coronation in the most stylish way possible.

Your highness… *insert bow here*

Minimalist and simple, the Sun Crown Ring from SOLUNA is warm, vibrant and makes a statement. Wear this ring on your finger and create a regal and lavish look, fit for royalty.
This quirky crown charm is inspired by history and country. The crown was stamped with the Diamond Jubliee Hallmark in 2012, has intricate detailing and a little bit of royalty. 

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