Designer Ria Poynton began her career studying Three Dimensional Design at the University of Plymouth, developing a fascination with small, defined mixed material pieces and in particular jewellery design. After honing her craft at Birmingham City University, Ria went on to win several awards for her unique ideas.

Today, she works with high-grade materials and modern technologies to create superbly functional and stunning pieces - a modern homage to classical high craft jewellery design. Think laser engraved sterling silver cuffs, elegant drop earrings with delicate cut-out designs and bold, oxidised pendants of reworked, patterned metal.

Renowned for: Unique, geometric jewellery forged using modern techniques.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Ria's forward-thinking pieces have won her many accolades over the years, and these beautiful collections represent the future of jewellery design.

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