Rosafa Skincare

Rosafa Skincare is a skincare brand that combines the company's cultural traditions with modern scientific techniques to share the natural magic that dates have, with Rosafa Skincare's revolutionary formulas.

Their founder for as long as she can remember has been particularly fascinated by the medicinal properties of the date fruit, and with an educational background in molecular biology and pathology, she combined this knowledge and passion into the brand.

Rosafa Skincare is a luxury, performance-oriented, fossil fuel-free, natural and clean skincare brand that keeps sustainability at the heart of all their processes. 

Renowned for: Natural clean beauty that has been inspired by tradition and is backed by science. 

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Rosafa Skincare's goal is to spread the beauty and uniqueness of dates in revolutionary formulas to the rest of the world. 

Read their Designer Interview here

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