Rooted in quality and craftsmanship, the independent knitwear label STUDIO MYR transforms pure materials in a pure, timeless style.

The unique collections for both men and women are being defined by refinement, elegance and playfulness. The silhouette is slender and graceful, the touch soft and luxurious, the quality high.

With her work owner and designer, Miriam Lenarts, approaches the ancient tradition of knitting in a contemporary way. Sustainability is a major aspect of her work, both in design and in production.

The collections are being produced in Holland, according to the "zero waste" principle, with respect for man and nature. In order to prevent over-production she produces in small production runs, and keeps small stock.

STUDIO MYR produces no seasonal collections, but each collection is being maintained and extended every new season.

Due to this policy, the timelessness of the designs and the high quality of the yarns, one can enjoy her creations for many years.

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