Susan Driver

Originally training as an architect, Susan Driver watched design meld into visions of structure which presented a natural eventual progression into jewellery design. Drawing inspiration from her architectural past, travel, art and fashion, Susan Driver embraces timeless elegance to make a sleek statement that celebrates a woman with confidence. Each piece crafted by the brand is forged with the individual in mind. Handmade in her studio in Brisbane, Australia, Susan Driver uses individually sourced metals and gemstones to create a story with each and every design. This careful selection of stones and metals create unexpected juxtapositions of colour and stature while still creating a balance of expression, that will be cherished for every beautiful moment.

Renowned for: Susan Driver is renowned for her handmade designs of individually sourced metals and gemstones.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Embodying unique and contemporary designs, Susan Driver utilises fluid structures that are perfect for pairing with a day-to-day apparel.

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