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Tivon Fine Jewellery

A family run company with South African origins, Tivon Fine Jewellery has sold glamorous jewels and gemstones for over 50 years. As time has gone on, the brand has continued to evolve and adapt to the current times, but it’s never lost its identity. Ariel Tivon now runs the business and he has ensured the team’s passion for quality has remained entirely intact. In fact, it was only several years ago In 2011 that the quality of Tivon Fine Jewellery’s products were recognised by none other than The Queen of England and used as part of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Renowned for: Bringing the maximum life out of a gemstone by using precision cutting and special faceting techniques.

Handpicked by Jewelstreet because: Tivon Fine Jewellery is brand that only uses gemstones which are in the top 5% in terms of quality. Their team use a combination of their experience and cutting edge technology to transform stunning designs into real, luxurious pieces of jewellery. 

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