Tove Rygg

Influenced by traditional methods of craftsmanship, Switzerland-based designer, Tove Rygg, applies her unique, innovative technique to create endless designs from precious metal filaments to produce stunning jewellery. Having created her own method, Tove has meticulously perfected her filament technique over 15 years. All handmade, her jewellery is impeccable, setting her apart from any other brand. Tove's unique technique is also her source of inspiration, exuding incomparable attributes just like the women she crafts for. Once a fashion designer, Tove has a keen eye for colour, incorporating precious metals and precious stones into her products to exude style and sophistication. Perfect for radiating confidence, this designer breaks tradition with pieces that will turn heads.

Renowned for: Tove Rygg is known for her precious metal filament process that is worked into every unique design.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: With bold designs and colour schemes, Tove Rygg's modern yet timeless pieces are a true testament to fine jewellery design.

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