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VERA VEGA specialise in unique and contemporary ring design. Finding her niche within the world of rings, founder and designer Eva Lund, pays tribute to the simplicity and long lasting quality of sterling silver through her architectural-inspired adornments. Enhancing an everyday fashion, VERA VEGA uses cutting-edge motifs and bold fluid lines to carve versatile designs of the highest quality and modern excellence. Influenced by contrasting colours and structures, VERA VEGA play with diamonds, vibrant zircons, Boheme pearls and multiple finishes to encourage a stacked, unusual look that matches a woman’s personality. Earning fast recognition with a clientele of bloggers and celebrities such as Hanni Gohr, Emilia de Poret and Celine Aagaard, this Denmark-based brand has also received the Styleproved award by Couch 2014.

Renowned for: VERA VEGA is renowned for their unique balance of fluidity, colour and gemstones that bring everyday adornments to life.

Handpicked by Jewelstreet because: VERA VEGA's design enhances a woman’s personality without controlling it. Wear with a simple T-shirt and jeans to show off your cutting-edge fashion decisions.

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