After finding himself redundant during 2009, Alex Angel-Benscher changed his life for the better and began his trip to the Far East and Africa which he was later to use as inspiration to begin his own jewellery brand; Vurchoo. Located in the centre of Essex, Vurchoo provides charities across the globe with financial and educational support for those less fortunate. The Hun Pitou collection, which is renowned for its iconic design, draws influence from a young girl he met in Cambodia, Hun Pitou, who encouraged him to start the collection. Building upon the single grain of rice, Vurchoo creates the iconic motif in 18kt gold vermeil and sterling silver to produce staple adornments for the everyday woman. These ethical pieces are not only a timeless keepsake but also save the lives of children in multiple countries.

Renowned for: Vurchoo produce fashionable and ethical jewellery that helps to improve the lives of those around the World.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Pair with others in the collection or make a statement with just one, Vurchoo accommodate many fashion styles.

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