Xavier Civera

Starting out in the art world with a brief stint in sculpture, Xavier Civera began collaborating with fashion designers, and after releasing his first collection, Xavier's namesake brand was conceived in 1996. Finding inspiration in art, architecture and design, Xavier focuses on the features of buildings, objects and fine details to serve as starting points for formal experimentation. Refining his skills to a geometrical standpoint, Xavier boasts of his precise design and pared-down straight lines that direct purity and simplicity in a highly industrialised aesthetic. Handcrafted from gold, silver and diamonds, Xavier pays particular attention to technical perfection for a profound sense of beauty and scrupulous rigour of quality.

Renowned for: Xavier Civera is renowned for his combination of sculpture and industrialised designs.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Designed for the cosmopolitan woman of today, Xavier Civera offer a strong aesthetic made from gold, silver and diamonds.

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