Xiaohe Shen

After studying silversmithing and fine arts at Rochester Institute of Technology, New York-based artist Xiaohe Shen launched her eponymous brand, creating fine, contemporary and experimental jewellery with her own unique twist. Xiaohe is inspired by the depths of human emotions, building on her own curiosity to produce wearable works of art that are not just beautiful but form a synergy with their spectators. From 18kt gold necklaces and earrings set with diamonds and precious stones to edgy, avant-garde pieces that create sculptural silhouettes, Xiaohe's work speaks directly to her audiences, allowing their imaginations to run riot.

Renowned for: Stunning contemporary jewellery that plays with lines and negative space.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Xiaohe's pedigree as an artist translates into some truly incredible jewellery, creating gorgeous statement pieces for any occasion.

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