Coloured Enamel

Enamel jewellery is the trend of the future. Jewellery design is getting bigger, bolder, and brighter. The versatility of enamel means some of the most intricate and extravagant designs of today are made from enamel. So of course, we’re loving this trend! Splash your wardrobe with colour this season wearing gorgeous enamel jewellery that enhances your personal style. One piece of jewellery can transform your look, and it’s waiting below for the perfect wearer...

Fruits of Summer

Sharpen your style with zesty jewellery that’s as vibrant and tangy as summer fruits.

Don’t you think summer makes colour just a little bit brighter? Well why not sweeten your style with these colour-popping pieces that radiate confidence.

From juicy red hues to refreshing splashes of blue, these jewellery pieces will quench your thirst for a bolder style.

This summer is all about colour and pattern. Invest in a jewellery piece that brightens up your day, you month, and your year. These are handmade pieces for the self-made jewellery wearer. Like what you see?
Squeeze a little extra zest into your jewellery box this season. Fruity and fabulous are words synonymous with these novel pomegranate drop earrings. They're mouthwatering and juicy... and you sure do look hungry. 

Enamel jewellery is one of the hottest trends this season, full of bright colours and quirky patterns. Take it a step further with oversized floral motifs, that are bound to get heads turning in your direction.

Elevate your style with jewellery that is hard to miss. Full of vibrant colours, blooming flowers and intricate shapes, there is nothing subtle about this collection.

Make a statement with Wildflower enamel accessories and create a colour explosion.

Bright, bold, beautiful. Delve into the Wildflower collection and indulge in showstopping jewels that demand attention. This smiling flower ring will fill your life with light. With this piece, you’ll never blend into the background.

The summer months are full of flowers and fun. Not invested in floral enamel jewellery yet? You're missing out. These earrings are fresh and vibrant. They will help you to flourish and grow... no sunlight needed.
Take Flight

Ever wanted to escape in the clouds and fly away? With these jewellery pieces you can!

Spread your wings and discover the beauty and opulence of animal enamel jewellery. There is no stronger or more beautiful combination than that of enamel materials and animal designs.

Fly sky high above the rest, with these quirky and colourful designs in your jewellery repertoire.

Imbue your style with a sense of freedom with this handmade enamel Bee Brooch. This beautiful bee gravitates toward exceptional style... and guess what? It's chosen you. Pollinate your jewellery box today.
On our quest to find the most liberating piece of coloured enamel jewellery, we've come across this dragonfly beauty. Take to the sky with colourful and decorative jewellery that will encourage you to aim high.

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