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"Are you awake? or are you asleep?"

Handcrafted 925 Sterling silver crescent moon hoop earrings with two different faces; one that is awake and the other that is sleeping, representing the waxing and waning of the moon phases.

Thoroughly versatile, these earrings can also be worn reversed with the simple smooth silver side facing outwards.

About the Designer:

Maya Nishimura of Ileava Jewelry grew up in both Japan and America. These two opposing cultures instilled important values in Maya that still help her produce her own original luxury fine jewellery today.

Her attention to detail and the intricacy of her designs were inspired by the Japanese, while the freedom and playfulness in her imagery comes from Americans.

Each piece has a theme and story of which Maya is the author.

To find out more about Maya and Ileava Jewelry, visit theIleava Jewelry boutique.

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