Dark Romance

Embrace the darkness this season with jewellery that harnesses the power of seduction. The dark romance trend knows no limits. You’ll captivate admirers in pools of blood red rubies and crystal white diamonds. Feel daring, mysterious and endlessly alluring with jewellery made for the femme fatale. What are you waiting for? Your dark romance awaits...

Dark Romance
Dark Romance
Blood Red Rubies

Wine. Roses. Rubies. There’s a reason red is the colour of romance.

Lose yourself in ruby jewellery richer than red velvet. Those fiery hues will entrance admirers whilst imbuing your look with a sultry edge.

Peruse the plushest of gemstones with incomparable allure.

Jewellery this captivating holds the darkest of secrets. So keep it close and let its lustre do the charming.

Venture down into the depths of the ocean and discover dark treasures. Handmade jewellery pieces like this are a rarity, and look like they have been carved by the organic passing of waves and surrounding rock formations. Dark romance is dark in theory, but bright in execution. Add a little oceanic shimmer to your jewellery collection today with Ed Wilson Jewellery.
The most beautiful ruby we ever did lay our eyes on. If you don't have a special pair of earrings like these in your locker, then you are missing out. You'll be lusting over these blood red rubies for weeks if you don't get them now. They're perfect for any evening event or social occasion. 
Sultry Shapes

Dark Romance breaks down the boundaries of jewellery design and delves into the unknown, the edgy and the textured.

For something bold, dark and mysterious, pick the Sultry Shapes collection.

Full of daring prints, slithery snake rings and curved architectural pieces, this collection will represent the daredevil that you are.

Be bold. Be dangerous. Be fearless.

Do you want to rise above others in the fashion arena? Peak jewellery take you to the peak of design and experimentation. Delve into a selection of sultry shapes and architectural pieces, ones that will call you over to the dark side. Don't delay. The time to embrace the darkness has come...
This strong and powerful necklace from Snake Bones is utterly timeless. Suitable to be worn by both men and women, this pendant should be included in everybody's jewellery box. Trust us, it's so easy to style and so easy to wear. Dark romance never felt so good. 

‘Til Death Do Us Part

Dark Romance jewellery represents the twisted and edgy realms of love.

Come over to the dark side and pick jewellery that is dangerous, enigmatic and sinister.
Adorn yourself in unisex pieces, ominous skulls and dark colours.

Attract all the right attention with the ‘Til Death Do Us Part Collection.

Embrace the darkness. Let it envelop you.

Dark romance is so much more than a trend. It's a way of life. Don't be bo-ring... try to invest in a few rings to elevate your everyday style. A suave signet ring and a pop of ominous colour creates mystery and opulence. Fall deeper in love with your handmade jewellery pieces this season. You won't regret it.
Fall deeper into the darkness from the heavenly skies, and embrace a style that is divergent and distinctive. Some days you are an angel... but some days you require a little romance to envelop your wardrobe. Will you be able to resist temptation? Succumb to the dark romance today.

Sterling Silver Tassel Moonstone Rosary Chain Necklace

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