Desert Lust

Want jewellery that unleashes your wild side? Need unique pieces to add some confidence to your look? The desert lust trend is full of attitude. Discover the fashion fusion between bohemian beauty and contemporary cool, giving you the hottest look in all the land. With these textured and striking pieces in your jewellery box, you’ll enter summer feeling like the desert goddess that you are.

Golden Hour Glow

This summer you need jewellery to reflect the amber hues of golden hour.

Picture this: you’re on a hot Moroccan beach and the sun is setting, casting a rich golden glow over the scene. A beautiful gemstone is resting against your skin, gleaming in the warm sunlight. You’re the epitome of elegance, wearing the finest jewellery that takes your look to the next level.

Don’t get lost in the shade this season. Embrace the golden glow with jewellery that turns up the heat...

These timeless & classic gold hoop earrings from EL GINDI will never go out of style. The Essential Hoops are large enough to catch the attention yet small enough to make you look classy and elegant in every situation.
This stylish necklace is perfect for the Summer months and to make a gorgeous statement. This necklace can be worn in multiple ways, but whichever way you style it, it gives the perfect golden hour glow that you've been looking for.
Hippie-Chic Accessories

Have you been searching far and wide for the perfect tassel and fringe jewellery? Fancy introducing a hippie-chic dimension to your style?

Delve into this collection of boho beauty, and head on into the summer months with handmade jewellery that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Bohemian counterculture has been an experimental and free-spirited branch of fashion for centuries. Often associated with painters, artists and intellectuals, the bohemian style is grounded in non-conformity and artistic prowess.

Step out of the jewellery drought, and indulge in this refreshing bohemian style.

Tassels and fringe are a classic bohemian style and these earrings perfectly fit that description. These earrings feature showstopping rhinestones with red tassel accents. They are perfect for daily wear for an injection of hippie-chic.
The Starburst Pendant is the perfect necklace for adding a splash of colour to any outfit. The gorgeous rich green & turquoise colours give a bold and textured look.
Desert Nature

Elevate your Sahara style with jewellery that embodies the natural world.

From uneven and rocky terrain, to sand dunes and prickly cacti… your future style is uncharted territory. Make sure you’re the first to claim the Desert Nature jewellery destination. After all, finders are keepers.

Make the desert your style domain this season. Bring the heat to your jewellery box, and make all others thirst for your style.

Black Rock Jewel is inspired by the eroded and rough textures carved in wood and stone. This classic signet ring has a carved and cut design.  It is the perfect modern accessory that gives a dramatic effect when you enter a room. 
Carou creates jewellery inspired by travel and earthly souvenirs. These earrings feature natural, one-of-a-kind Aura Geode stone with classic gold colours. These earrings are a tribute to nature and the amazing beauty of its lands.

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