JewelStreet believes in simple, clear trading terms which are fair to both parties. These are stated below. You agree to: 1. Ensure that the brand and product information you provide is true, accurate, current and complete 2. Grant JewelStreet the right to use the images and information you provide for promotional and marketing purposes 3. Provide net retail product pricing that is equal to, or lower than, your other sales channels 4. Keep stock levels and delivery times in your boutique up to date 5. Respond to orders and customer enquiries within one working day 6. Prepare all orders for shipment within the timeframes that you specify in your boutique, arrange insured shipping, and provide customers with any relevant insured tracking reference numbers 7. Work in good faith and not circumvent JewelStreet with customers we introduce to you. You also agree to use customer contact information only for the purpose of fulfilling specific JewelStreet orders and agree to include all JewelStreet materials as requested by JewelStreet from time to time 8. Not include your own marketing materials, business cards or materials with your URL, email address or social media details within any JewelStreet shipments 9. Offer a 14 day returns policy on all orders except earrings, engraved items, bespoke items, or items that are made to order. If you would like to offer free returns please contact your account manager 10. Provide a permanent, followed link from your website to 11. Submit your product and boutique information to us within two weeks of signing 12. Pay a subscription fee that is charged in advance and a 22% commission on sales 13. Abide by implications for importers into the UK and exporters to the UK as per the Hallmarking Act of 1973 JewelStreet agrees to: 1. Build your boutique on and load up to 50 products within 14 days of receiving all your product and boutique information 2. Give you access to an admin panel to manage your boutique and add/blog/post/delete products 3. Manage all currency conversions and costs associated with these conversions and make payments to you in your chosen base currency 4. Provide a concierge desk to deal with customer queries about your boutique and products 5. Process customer payments and provide 100% fraud, charge back and payment protection on all transactions 6. Issue refunds to customers only when you have received the goods and confirmed they are in