We've compiled this list of FAQs to cover all questions you might have about our crowdfunding pitch and business plans.
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What do we do?

JewelStreet champions the jewellery of over 570 independent designers, from 48 countries.

JewelStreet receives an average 27% commission on the sale of jewellery. Customers pay at the point of sale on the website, we process payments and hold funds before paying designers net of commission charges.

We are now the World's largest designer jewellery website with over 20,000 unique pieces of jewellery for sale, at all budgets. Far more even than Farfetch and Net-a-Porter.

And that's what sets JewelStreet apart. Our aim is to champion independent jewellery ONLY, and to promote the passion and provenance behind each piece of jewellery that our designers make.

Who is our target market?

The business has two distinct user groups. Our current geographical focus is on the UK, US and European markets, which we serve with independent websites. We have conducted significant market research to determine 7 key consumer profiles, 4 female and 3 male, which have helped us prioritise and target our marketing, product development and improve conversion rates.

Why are we crowdfunding?

  • Research & Markets ‘Jewellery Market Forecast 2018’ estimates the size of the global jewellery market was £207 billion in 2017. This is expected to rise 20% by 2021 to c.£250 billion.
  • R&M estimate online fine and fashion jewellery currently accounts for 4-5% of this total, but will see significant growth to command 10% of the market by 2021 at c.£25bn.
  • Our focus is online, starting with UK, North American and European countries. We estimate total sales of c.£75bn across these geographies, which makes our online addressable market c.£7.5bn by 2021.
  • In order to achieve our overall revenue target of £73m sales by 2021 we have to capture 0.97% of this opportunity.

Why invest in JewelStreet?

  • is a trusted and dedicated online marketplace for independent jewellery designers.
  • We’re already revenue generating, with order volumes up 58.2% in Q4 2017 vs 2016, and a proven business model.
  • We help designers and independent brands reach new audiences globally, support them every step with marketing, sales and logistical knowhow, enabling them to focus on making the beautiful creations our customers love.
  • With a wealth of choice, easy returns and peer reviews we showcase a fantastic and consistent range of unique jewellery normally only available locally.
  • All shareholders in JewelStreet receive regular special offers in time for important events like Christmas, Valentines and Mother's Day. These special offers include 10% voucher codes meaning that if you invested £10 in JewelStreet you'd need to spend just £100 on a beautifully handcrafted piece of jewellery to cover your investment.

Growth plans

Through 2018 we’re focusing on expanding the business model we’re already proving. We’ll be recruiting more fantastic designers and accelerating customer numbers, whilst reducing the average customer acquisition cost and improving both conversion rates and average order value. Some of the areas we will invest in to deliver this are:

  • New Customer Recruitment -We will continue our targeted digital marketing strategy through affiliates, re-targeting and social media promotion to recruit our core customer profiles.
  • Leveraging existing customers- Returning customers accounted for 66.01% of sales in 2017. Our new management team brings with it a wealth of copywriting skills, which has resulted in newsletters to our database generating 7.99% of sales since inception in October.
  • Website- Key developments will include personalising the website experience for individual customers and increasing the use of video to bring our products to life. This should drive significant improvements in conversion
  • Pop-up Store- In 2018 we plan to host a pop-up shop in central London to showcase our brilliant independent designers and get to know our customers even better.

Is there a minimum or maximum investment?

£10 is the minimum and there’s no maximum.

Does Crowdcube cost?
Only for the businesses pitching, not for the investor.
How to get involved

We’re raising investment through Crowdcube, a leading UK crowdfunding platform. For the next 10 days, you can invest on Crowdcube and become a part of the JewelStreet story.
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