JewelStreet is happy to answer all the questions you may have. Here's everything you need to know to help you join the JewelStreet community. We can't wait to have you on board!


Does JewelStreet hold the stock? No. You're entirely in charge of your products. We don't want to interfere with the way you run your business.

Does JewelStreet have a commission only option? No, we don't. But at a commission rate of only 22%, we offer a highly competitive service compared to other online marketplaces. You can join JewelStreet for as little as £0.82 per day, receiving all the benefits of our expert marketing services and global reach.

How and when do I get paid? We pay you 30 days after delivery of the order. Securely by bank transfer or PayPal. Simple and swift.

Who pays for delivery? You can choose to offer free postage, or to charge a set rate for both domestic and international orders. We request that packages are sent via a 'signed for' service. By joining JewelStreet you also agree to offer a free 14 day free returns policy.

“Are my designs good enough to sell on JewelStreet?”
We turn away scores of would-be designers each week. We know what's good and what sells. If you're on JewelStreet, you've already passed a high bar.

“I'm not sure how to market my designs – should I be using social media?”
Yes, you should. Our social media experts take care of all that for you. We have a 34,000+ combined following on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Which means thousands of potential new buyers for your designs.

"I'm no good at admin and all that extra stuff involved in running a successful business. Can I just focus on making jewellery?
Absolutely. We do all the tedious stuff, so you can concentrate on what you do best. From social media marketing to industry events, you can expand your brand without sacrificing your passion for making gorgeous jewellery. Leave it to JewelStreet, and watch your brand soar.

“What about the web stuff? I don't know how to build a website. What's SEO? Organic traffic? Do I need to become a technology whizz to make sales?”
With JewelStreet, you can leave all that to us. We rewrite your product descriptions, inserting all the relevant keywords to help your boutique attract traffic and sales. Technophobe? Fear not! We not only utilise our social media channels, but our online marketing expertise ensures your products appear to the right people in the right way.

“Photography. I simply don't have a clue. Is it really that important my photos are of high quality?”
In truth, yes. Better photos mean better sales. This benefits you and us, that's why we offer our photography package at the price we do. We don't make money, but we both get beautiful imagery. This will be the best money you ever spend on your brand.

“500 designers, eh? My products will just get lost. Surely with that many designers, you don't care about me and my brand.”
We do care, and that's where our Designer University comes in. You'll find dozens of helpful hints and tips. You get free access when you subscribe with us. It's just £2.73 a day, including a brand video.
What's more, we have invested heavily in Artificial Intelligence. This ensures the relevant stock appears to individual visitors, based on age, demographics, and previous browsing history. It means the right people are looking at your jewellery.

Who pays customs duties? The purchaser will be responsible for any import duties for international cross border orders.

I'm worried about selling overseas and fraudulent transactions. No need to be. All our transactions are immediately processed by a 3rd party security company who insure us against fraudulent transactions. Each order you receive will be 100% guaranteed.

What is your returns percentage? Whilst 48% of e-commerce websites report a return rate between 25-50%, JewelStreet averages a 5% return rate which is testament to the exceptional quality of the images, descriptions, and jewellery offered on the website.

Do you take any other fees apart from the 22% commission? We take a small 4% transaction fee which covers credit card transaction fees, currency exchange rates, and to ensure 100% secure payment methods.

Tell me about the Free Gift Vouchers.For a limited time only we are offering our designers vouchers to gift to their friends and family that they can use on the excellent selection of jewellery on JewelStreet! The vouchers have no minimum spend, are vaild for three months and can be used sitewide.

  • Silver package at £299 per annum will receive 12 X £25 (£300) gift vouchers to offer to customers, family and friends.
  • Gold package at £999 per annum will receive 40 x £25 (£1,000) gift vouchers to offer to customers, family and friends.
  • Platinum at £2,499 per annum will receive 100 x £25 (£2,500) of gift vouchers to offer to customers, family and friends.

(one voucher per customer)

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