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With three decades of experience in the industry, Dilamani walks the line between heritage and innovation. Over the years, their exclusive jewellery brand has kept evolving with the times, staying fresh in a changing world while still retaining the quality and style they’re famous for. Dilamani is high-fashion jewellery inspired by the world, designed to let everyone know that the wearer has arrived. Crafted using only the finest precious metals and gemstones from around the world, these are pieces that really make a statement. From glittering bangles set with sapphires and amethysts to delicate stacking rings of diamonds and 14 carat gold, Dilamani jewellery is instantly recognisable – and sure to wow at any occasion.

Renowned for: Unique, innovative pieces that combine a fresh design approach with years of skill and experience.

Handpicked by JewelStreet becauseThis is jewellery from the big leagues – exquisite, exclusive and at the very height of fashion.

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