Inspire Me

Need some jewellery inspiration? Look no further than our Inspire Me section. You'll find our seasonal collections showcasing our favourite
jewellery pieces and fabulous looks for every occasion. Discover the Trends.
Calling all stargazers and dreamers of the world... JewelStreet have a celestial starry night collection that can transport you to a heavenly galaxy of comets, asteroids and planets. Get your hands on these pieces as soon as you can, and explore our collection of ethereal jewellery. They’re like shooting stars - rare and epically beautiful.
Renaissance jewellery is elegant, extravagant, and opulent. This golden age saw some of the finest gemstones adorning the hands of lords and ladies. From plush pearl necklaces to ravishing ruby rings. Discover this exquisite collection of jewellery that’ll transform you into a vision of Renaissance elegance.
Floral jewellery is delicate, beautiful and makes the wearer feel at one with nature and the magical season of Spring. 
As the flowers begin to blossom and the weather starts to get warmer, wear floral jewellery to mark the occasion!
Pick from dainty daisies, blooming roses, falling leaves and whimsical acorns. Feel at one with nature, with the Flora Collection. 
Mother's Day Edit
he bond that a daughter shares with her mother is irreplaceable. It can be difficult to find a gift to commemorate this unbreakable bond, especially on the run-up to Mother’s Day. This year is different. You know exactly what to get her. A sentimental, meaningful and luxury piece of handmade jewellery that suits her personality. And why not get yourself something too?
Rock and Roll Jewellery
Put on your leather jacket with our rock style jewellery, from the iconic skull rings to the spiky earrings and bracelets. These designer pieces add a luxurious element to your outfit in the boldest ways.
Pretty Petites
Want something pretty and petite, delicate and dainty Petite necklaces are perfect to incorporate in an everyday look. They exude simple elegance and despite their minimal design and patterns, they certainly pack a punch and make a statement. From plain and simple chains, to mini and cute symbols, petite necklaces will become your new favourite trend and wardrobe staple.
The Diamond Edit
Working 9 til 5? What a way to make a living! Diamonds aren’t just for special occasions, so make them your everyday staple. Add delicate diamond earrings to a work outfit, a dainty diamond necklace for a day out or a classic diamond bracelet for a casual look. Get your own piece of diamond magic to complete your outfit and make your working day more exciting and glamorous. 
Dare To Layer
Dare to layer in ways that you have never layered before. Follow in the footsteps of celebrities and embrace this trend for 2019. There is an art to layering, and you are the artist of this masterpiece. Remember to stagger the lengths of each necklace you choose to wear, and mix up the sizes and colours. Layering is a way to put your stamp on your style. Nobody else will choose to layer in the exact same way as you, so express your individuality today. 
Your Perfect Wedding Ring
A warm congratulations to all the lovers lucky enough to have received a proposal from their beloved. As you bask in your love and rapture, now is the time to symbolise your union with an exquisite wedding ring. Find that one ring that perfectly portrays the eternal embrace of your fiancé. Embark on your forever in rose gold, platinum or silver. That one special ring is waiting to sparkle and shine just for you two...
Valentine's Day Edit
Capture the heart of your special someone with our Valentine’s Edit picks. Whether your loved one is passionate about vintage, goes soppy for cutesy hearts or loves bright feminine colours, we have the perfect gift for them. Shower them in love and jewellery that would even have Cupid falling head over heels.
New Year, New Jewellery
There are few things more exciting than a new piece of jewellery. And 2018 is set to be a big year for accessories. From bold, embellished florals to 70s hippy vibes, these are the key jewellery trends you’ll be seeing everywhere in the upcoming seasons. Time to get ahead of the crowd.