Double Beaded Bracelets


The Double Beaded Bracelets by ATOLYESTONE.

The double beaded bracelet collection allows the convergence of sea sediment jasper semi precious stones with cubic zirconia diamond balls with yellow gold plating. These charm bracelets are made lengthier to permit a double loop around the bearer's wrist.

6mm Yellow Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Diamond Balls. 6mm Sea Sediment Imperial Jasper. 0.7mm Black Elastic String

About the Designer:

Based in London, ATOLYESTONE jewellery is inspired by the cultural contrasts between the East and West. ATOLYESTONE derives its influence from the crossroads of Asia and Europe, where two continents filled with rich, ancient culture intertwine in Istanbul. ATOLYESTONE aim to harmonise traditional bead and charm bracelets with modern gold and silver moulding techniques. 

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