Mini Rosecut Diamond Pin Earrings


Subtle, pale fire is how one can describe the light reflected in delicate rose cut diamonds - they refract light just enough to catch the eye. Visually, they're quieter and more classic than the modern brilliant cut diamond, but that's why they're perfect for the linear design of these handcrafted 14kt gold pins.

Beautiful enough to wear morning, noon, and night to elevate one's look in any situation, they can be the crowning touch to one's layers of personal jewellery. But we also think they're beautiful enough to be worn solo because just a little sparkle can say so much more.

In stock
Designed and handcrafted for you by Rosey West
As this item is bespoke made to order by the designer it is unfortunately non-returnable
Estimated delivery date: Friday, 31 July 2020