Plated Brass Moon Necklace


The Plated Brass Moon Necklace by My Bling, a Greek jewellery brand.

The Moon Necklace is a statement collar necklace. This piece is handmade consisting of 5 brass half-moon shaped pieces that are slightly domed. It seems like it is one solid piece but the 5 pieces move and fold. As a result it is easy to carry with you and pack it while travelling. There is a chain that completes the clasp. The whole piece is either white rhodium or gold plated.

It is a statement necklace that fits any bohemian elegant styling. It is really light and easy to wear.

All of My Bling's pieces are made by designer-architect Sophia Hatzina in her creative workshop-showroom.

To find out more about the designer please visit My Bling.

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