Pretty Petites

Get back to jewellery basics with petite jewellery...

Petite Necklaces

Want something pretty and petite, delicate and dainty?

Petite necklaces are perfect to incorporate in an everyday look. They exude simple elegance and despite their minimal design and patterns, they certainly pack a punch and make a statement.

From plain and simple chains, to mini and cute symbols, petite necklaces will become your new favourite trend and wardrobe staple.

Laura Adele makes jewellery for the modern woman inspired by London style - its delicate, but not girly, tiny, but tough. This minimalist necklace showcases a delicate gold eye with a blue sapphire iris. Teeny tiny, yet edgy and mysterious, the Evil Eye Charm Necklace is cute, classy and adds warmth to any look.
Alison Fern Jewellery is feminine, modern and affordable. Pretty and delicate, the Mia Necklace is designed for the everyday woman on-the-go. The figaro chain adds interest and the white topaz charm adds sparkle.
Petite Bracelets
Want small jewellery that makes a big impact? Bag yourself a petite bracelet and channel effortless elegance.

Petite jewellery shows a considerate approach to accessorisation. One delicate bracelet on your wrist is enough to convey your authentic style.

From gorgeous gold chains to chic gemstone bangles - find a pretty petite bracelet to treasure forever.

Silatha's jewellery specialises in bringing balance and happiness of daily meditation to busy, multi-tasking people. The Peace & Balance Bracelet is elegantly simple with thick rope as the band, set with amethysts. 
Mishanto London use beautiful and colourful gemstones in their delicate jewellery collections. The simple silver chain of the bracelet is dotted with teardrop-shaped garnets. The minimal design is dainty, colourful and channels easy and effortless elegance.
Petite Rings
Pretty petite jewellery is imbued with delicacy and intricacy. Who knew that something so small could make such an impact?

These are dainty rings that you can easily incorporate into your everyday style. Wear one for an understated sparkle, or wear ten for a statemented stack.

Petite jewellery is special because it has the ability to stand alone, but also be part of a bigger whole. What are you waiting for?

Jana Reinhardt Jewellery embraces celestial and natural worlds and exudes passion, quality and freedom. The Chameleon perched on top of the finger is whimsical, unique and playful. This ring is simple with the silver colour, yet elaborate at the same time with the animal features.
The Square ring with sapphires is inspired by the square symbol, as the square is the basis of everything: four seasons, four directions, four elements. An extremely stylish piece, this ring is suitable for everyday wear and embodies classic and elegant simplicity. The open square peeks at the wearer's skin, drawing attention to the hand.

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