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Below are the correct answers and some royal styled jewellery we have picked out for you!

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How many solitaire diamonds surround the late Lady Diana's sapphire engagement ring?




The correct answer is: 14


How much did Wallis Simpson's (Duchess of Windsor) Panther Bracelet sell for at auction in 2010?

£2.5 million

£3 million

£4.5 million

The correct answer is: £4.5 million


The Imperial State Crown, owned by the Queen, has how many precious stones?




The correct answer is: 2,901


Who was the designer (also of JewelStreet) of Kate Middleton's wedding earrings?


Robinson Pelham


The correct answer is: Robinson Pelham


 The Queen adores pearls, and she is rarely seen without the triple-strand necklace she was given in 1935. Who gave her the necklace?

Prince Phillip

George V

George VI

The correct answer is: George V


What is the name of the brooch the Queen is wearing in the above picture?

The Duchess of Cambridge Brooch

The Cullinan III and IV Brooch

The Prince Albert Brooch

The correct answer is: The Prince Albert Brooch


Cartier were the designers of Kate Middleton's diamond wedding tiara, but in what year?




The correct answer is: 1936


Which member of the royal family was the owner of a sapphire and diamond coronet?

Queen Victoria

Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Anne

The correct answer is: Queen Victoria