Signature Barrel Bracelet In Yellow Gold


The Signature Barrel Bracelet in Yellow Gold by Conges.

The stones in this piece were chosen specifically for their recognised energy and conductive powers. They are all raw and not treated; just cut to size. Special patented design that can be worn in two different ways for everyone. This pendant is specifically designed for women and men to wear, collect, and gifted to another as a keepsake. It can be worn around the neck or wrist, vertically or horizontally. This bracelet comes in 18kt yellow gold with a 14kt yellow gold chain.

About the Designer:

LA-brand Conges was founded by designer Jasmine Penna, who was inspired to make jewellery that pays tribute to the stress-free serenity that everyone feels when they're on holiday. Jasmine’s philosophy is ‘think free, be free’, and her jewellery is influenced by ancient wisdoms and artefacts. 

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