Wedding Videographers

Wedding Videographers

As a wedding videographer is your glass half empty or half full during the COVID-19 lock down?

Naturally the lock down is affecting wedding businesses across the country, weddings are being cancelled, and the wedding videography industry is suffering. You know that better than most.

However we believe there will be much to celebrate.

Imagine how great 2021 is going to be for the wedding industry. All 2020 weddings are in the process of being re-booked for 2021, and we're going to have all the 2021 weddings on top.

2021 will be the best year ever for your business!

2021 will be a transformational year for the wedding industry. We truly believe it will be the best year ever for your business. Demand will be huge, based on simple supply and demand economics wedding fees are likely to increase. Weekend weddings are already fully booked and mid-week weddings will become the norm. And believe me... people will want to celebrate and push the boat out!

Our offer to you

In 2019 the average wedding cost £31,974. The average wedding videographer fee was £1,027. 3.2% of the total wedding cost.

Now is the time to position yourself for 2021 and be at the top of the wedding list for a bumper wedding season.

Just one new customer gives 500% ROI

For just £199 per annum your business can be listed in Our Top 10 Guide to the best wedding suppliers in your City. At just £199 for a full 12 month listing I do not know of a better marketing opportunity at this price. And based on the average order value just one new customer will show you a more than five-fold return on investment.

10 best wedding videographers in Bristol

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Wedding Videographer listing

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Our Top 10's currently cover Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester, Coventry, Leicester and Bradford, and we're expanding into new Cities daily. If you have the foresight to promote your business in preparation of a Boom wedding period in 2021 then our Top 10 listings can help drive traffic, and new customers, to your website.

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*Google search results accurate as-of 21st April 2020