✨Share the love with sparkling wine… and a few sparkling gems from JewelStreet this Valentines.✨

We have partnered up with SlimLine Wine again to give 6 lucky winners a chance to win a bottle of Pink Sparkling Wine with ZERO sugar & ZERO carbs!

It might be difficult to believe there’s such a thing as guilt free boozing, but SlimLine Wine is the real deal. Zero sugar, Zero carbs wines that don’t ever compromise on flavour or quality, offering you a great way to enjoy your favourite wine safe in the knowledge it's low calorie, natural and great tasting!

SlimLine Wine is true artisan wine made from their own very special 'Chateau Zero' World Heritage Site Vineyards in Piedmont. The Vines were planted by themselves, they are cared for by SlimLine Wine, and are always picked by their own hands. Every bottle of SlimLine Wine can be traced back literally to its roots.

So if one of your New Year's resolutions was to keep an eye on those calories, SlimLine Wine may have the answer to all of your prayers.

For the chance to be 1 of our 6 lucky winners, follow the steps below: