Champneys Spa Detox In A Box
Prize includes 3 J/cm² SmoothSkin Bare Device with 2 year warranty and user guidelines.
Do your New Year resolutions always involve investing more time into taking better care of yourself?

What about if we told you that you could have MORE CARE over your appearance in LESS TIME?
10 minutes to be exact.

We’re giving one lucky person the chance to WIN the SmoothSkin Bare device, with IPL technology.


SmoothSkin IPL devices are designed to help break the cycle of hair growth, on both face and body.

  • The light energy is transferred through the skin’s surface and is absorbed by the melanin present in the hair shaft.
  • The absorbed light energy is converted to heat energy (below the surface of the
  • skin), which disables the hair follicle preventing further growth.
  • Treated hairs naturally fall out over the course of a few days to 1-2 weeks.

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Good Luck!

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