Yellow Gold Infinity Ibiza Bracelet With Turquoise Ribbon | INFINITY by Victoria


This bracelet features a handcrafted18kt yellow golddouble infinity motif, finished with aturquoise satin adjustable ribbon.

The double infinityrepresents many different meanings, such asequilibrium, balance, limitlessness, or absolute perfection, but its romantic symbolismis the most heart-touching. It symbolisestwo separatepaths coming together as one, dedicating their lives to one another.

This bracelet is the perfect gift for a loved one; whether they are your best friend or special someone, show how much they mean to you with a double infinity bracelet.

About the Designer:

Designer Victoria Chmielewski, founder of jewellery brand INFINITY by Victoria said: As a gemmologist, my first goal in this new adventure is to share my passion for stunning gemstones and elegant jewellery that entices you into a world of indefinable beauty, limitless imagination, and hope without end.

To find out more about Victoria and her designs, visit theINFINITY by Victoria boutique.

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