18kt Rose Gold Mode Earrings V


18kt Rose Gold Mode Earrings V

Part of the Mode Collection, these earrings are made out of powerful rose gold and sparkling white diamonds. With a fun spiral shape, these earrings add a beautiful contour to the face. Wear everyday for extra glamour or save for special occasions. 

The Mode Collection: Everyday we move between our individual goals, dreams and the balance in our home, work, family and friendships. We have our own paths yet often times we live in the past or the future. Change is the only constant and the serendipitous opportunity and surprise that it brings is part of our journey of growth. Mode is about being fabulous and present in the moment.

About the Designer:

Founder and creative director of Ortaea, Mita Vohra takes her inspiration from nature to design her collections. She sources all her gems ethically from various places around the world. Mita, being a trustee of the Sandy Vohra Foundation in Kenya,  is socially committed to the environment and to the empowerment of local communities.

To find out more about the designer, please visit Ortaea Fine Jewellery.

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