Silver / Gold Super Mini Fold Earrings


Silver / Gold Super Mini Fold Earrings by 

Ear posts with bullet ear backs. Chose between 24kt yellow gold plated 'FOLD' alloy of rose gold, with a layer of nickel in between, or silver plated 'FOLD' alloy of rose gold, with a layer of nickle in between.

These earrings are part of the FOLD collection. Improvisation is the core of FOLD collection, but it is inseparable from long-term repeated experimentation and exploration. Each piece of FOLD jewellery is delicately handmade, using recycled metal from unwanted jewellery. These earrings possess a unique soul, that captures the viewers’ liquidity of the eye.

The FOLD collection originated by coincidence. After finding a piece of silver foil, designer Fei He was surprised to find that the metal showed a fascinating texture, which shimmered after repeated reflection of light. After countless different metal-mixing and thickness matching attempts, Fei He developed a new rose gold formula, that makes each piece of jewellery large but extremely light, and strong enough to withhold its volume. For the white gold, after delicate polishing they are plated in silver then in rhodium, to secure colour stability.

About The Designer: FEIHEFEIHEFEIHE is a fashion and accessory brand, specialising in jewellery and eyewear. Designer Fei He started his brand in 2018 and instantly built a reputation after his modern eyewear series was featured in various publications, including VOGUE Italia. The jewellery collections from FEIHEFEIHEFEIHE are suitable for all genders and find the perfect balance between beauty and edginess.

To find out more about the designer, please visit FEIHEFEIHEFEIHE.

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