Sterling Silver & Pink Gold Frame Triceratop Origami Necklace


The Sterling Silver & Pink Gold Frame Triceratop Origami Necklace by Origami Jewellery.

This sterling silver and pink gold triceratops origami frame necklace features a mighty triceratops, rendered in the style of a three-dimensional geometric frame. Handcrafted from sterling silver plated in rose gold, and suspended beneath a pink gold chain, this playful contemporary necklace would make the ideal gift for someone with a passion for dinosaurs.

About The Designer:

Origami Jewellery was established by French designers Claire Naa and Arnaud Soulignac, inspired by the endless creativity of the Japanese paper art form, origami. Handcrafted from classic silver and gold, Origami Jewellery’s fresh approach to design is undeniably innovative and affordable. These precious jewels depict cranes, rabbits, deer and even triceratops, which sit in a three-dimensional aesthetic for a unique statement.

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