Serendipity Plaited Pearl Necklace


The Serendipity Plaited Pearl Necklace by Erin Cox Jewellery.

A modern twist on a statement pearl necklace. This handmade piece also features Erin’s statemented molten silver sections. Due to the making process, variations do occur in each necklace. What could be more unique and exclusive than that?

About the Designer:

Erin is inspired by the organic beauty of Exeter’s coastal landscapes. Her oceanic designs have a mesmerising movement, and a striking depth of emotion. This is jewellery that holds a story, emits beauty, and reflects the aura of its wearer. All materials are ethically sourced.

To find out more about the designer, please visit Erin Cox Jewellery.

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Designed and handcrafted for you by Erin Cox Jewellery
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Estimated delivery date: Thursday, 11 June 2020