Sterling Silver Rock Argento Brunito Diamanti 7 Ring


The Sterling Silver Rock Argento Brunito Diamanti 7 Ring by RUBINIA GIOIELLI.

The Argento Brunito Diamanti 7 ring is part of the Filodellavita rock collection, which finds itself to be more sensual, bold and provocative like a rock.

This tangle of 7 thread twists, with all its imperfection, turned into something precious and symbolic: a ring that magically manages to convey the past and present of those who wear it, capturing emotions and giving them back again as an unexpected gift.

The Filodellavita rock ring is the perfect synthesis between style and inspiration, creating a strong and powerful jewellery piece which is versatile and unisex.

About The Designer:

RUBINIA GIOIELLI’s stylish and unique handmade jewellery features distinctive colour combinations. They strive to create unique pieces for unique people, and are constantly searching for new materials to use in their innovative designs.

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