Yellow Gold Rectangular Ring


The Yellow Gold Rectangular Ring by Gabrielle Friedman.

This ring is geometric and architectural with clean elegant lines. The hammering technique used to make the ring gives it a wooden look, in keeping with the nature theme that runs through Gabrielle Friedman's collections. The rectangle part of the ring has a smaller rectangle cut out of the middle, but instead of a gemstone, it is left empty for added simplicity and to show off the wearer's natural beauty. Comfortable to wear, it is ideal for everyday.

About the Designer:

Born in South Africa but based in Tennessee, Gabrielle Friedman is a jewellery designer and goldsmith, with a masters degree in art therapy.

Gabrielle Friedman's metal creations relate to her life experiences. Her process and style are influenced by the natural beauty and majestic landscape of her childhood home, Cape Town. Gabrielle uses heat and wax techniques to manipulate metals and incorporates 18kt gold, sterling silver, diamonds and precious stones to create a style that is simultaneously rustic, organic, refined and elegant. Creation without destruction is one of the core principles at the heart of the Gabrielle Friedman brand - reclaimed gold and recycled diamonds are core materials in the brand’s jewels.

To find out more about the designer, please visit Gabrielle Friedman.

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